16 JAN 2021 News: PROMOTED! PROMOTED! PROMOTED! IGNOU has finally decided to promote the students. But not all. Full News and Detailed Story at home page of www.IGNOU.guru website.IGNOU Re-Registration Last Date is extended to 15th February 2020. ||ALERT! ALERT! ALERT! - Big Change in IGNOU from Dec. 2019 TEE onwards - The exams of Foundation course (FST and BSHF101) will be held twice, once for the students of BA and B.Com and next for the students of B.Sc. and rest of the programmes. On 30 December 2019, FST (B.A & B.Com) TEE will be held. On 7th December 2019, FST (B.Sc and Other programmes) TEE Will Be Held. Similarly, On 9th December 2019, BSHF101 (B.A. and B.Com) TEE will be held. And, on 18th December 2019 BSHF101 (B.Sc & Other Programmes) TEE will be held.|| Finally Today, IGNOU June 2019 Term End Exam Previous/ Old Question Papers are also AVAILABLE. And, according to IGNOU toppers, questions of June 2019 TEE will have a great impact on IGNOU Dec TEE 2019 Examinations.

IGNOU Grade Card December 2019 Status (Latest News)

Latest News: On 3rd May 2020 and again on 14th May 2020, IGNOU Term End December 2019 Exam Results have been updated. But the problem is, all student’s marks have not been updated in Grade Card. That doesn’t completely mean that you failed. But wait for Grade Card Update. IGNOU December 2019 Exam Grade Card (New) is AVAILABLE NOW (For All Students Who Took December 2019 Term End Examinations). Warning: As of now, you can check online results with Enrollment Number here – IGNOU Result Dec 2019. Grade Cards or Score Cards for all candidates who appeared in December 2019 Term End Exams are NOT YET UPDATED. Because for some Candidates, Grade Cards will be updated in the second update.IGNOU Grade Card Not UpdatedRelated to IGNOU Grade Card Status, 2 kinds of statements we often receive. First, “Woohoo 🙂 … Status of My IGNOU Grade Card has been UPDATED”.

Second, “Afterall, 😥 when my IGNOU Grade Card Status will be UPDATED”. 

If your case lies within this range. Perfect, this post is written for you only. You’ll also come to know how often IGNOU Grade Card is updated.

Recently we analyzed thousands of comments regarding not so often updates of IGNOU Grade Card Status [Not Completed Means], By Name, December Form: Student Zone Score Card, Application Form 2018, Admit Card & Provisional Certificate.

In that survey, we came across this. “I have appeared in December 2016 examination and gave my 2 exams MCO 01 and MCO 07 now the result has come but my MCO 01 IGNOU Term End Result December 2019 is not given only MCO 07 result is show Plz solve my problem my enrolment no is 14XXXXX00”.

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Now, finally, what steps should be taken by this individual? But before taking any steps, we recommend you to understand in-depth meanings of IGNOU Grade Card for BCA & What is IGNOU Grade Card Percentage Calculator?. 

Choose the one below which suits best to your query –

What Is IGNOU Grade Card?
How Often Is Grade Card Updated?
Meaning Of Not Completed In Grade Card
IGNOU Grade Card Percentage Calculator
Steps To Check [Updated] Grade Card of IGNOU
IGNOU Grade Cards By Name

What Is “IGNOU Grade Card”? How Is It Different From IGNOU Mark Sheet or IGNOU Score Card?

Indira Gandhi National Open University, like every other {central, state, private & government} universities of the world publish its IGNOU Exam Results online. Thus the web page, on which IGNOU Result is declared, is known as Grade Card of Indira Gandhi National Open University.

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Format & Image of IGNOU MCA Grade Card is like.

Indira Gandhi National Open University
Current Grade Card Status As On December 2017
(For Information Only)

Enrollment Number: XXXXXXXXX
Name: www.myignouguide.com (IGNOU Grade Card December 2016)
Program: MCA

The Status Is Indicative Only & Cannot Be Used As Substitute For The Final Grade Card Which Is Sent By SED At The End Of Semester.

Course CodeAsgn1Asgn2Asgn3Asgn4Term End TheoryTerm End PracticalStatus

Not withstanding the result published/ declared, any case of UFM (Unfair Means) if found will make such results null & void.
Note: This is just a format of IGNOU Grade Card June 2018. Thus, it has got nothing to do with Original Grade Card of IGNOU.IGNOU Grade Card Image

IGNOU Score Card & IGNOU Grade Card June 2018 have the same meaning. While Mark Sheet is different from Grade Card. Also, Mark Sheet of IGNOU is most popularly known as IGNOU Statement Of Marks.

Many times, students are confused with the terms IGNOU Mark Sheet & IGNOU Provisional Certificate. Remember, there’s a difference between the two.

Provisional Certificates are provided by RCs (Regional Centers) on Demand. Eventually, Why students demand provisional certificates from RCs?.

The reason behind is when a student is looking for admission in some other college/university or taking a competitive examination. And if in that procedure, a student is asked for some official proof of being a part of Indira Gandhi National Open University.

After successful completion of Graduation News, IGNOU sends IGNOU Mark Sheets by post to the registered address of the student.

{Note: If Your Mark Sheet is still not reached to you at home. Or for any other kind of problem regarding Mark Sheet of IGNOU, you can visit here}

How Often Is IGNOU Grade Card Updated?

Earlier in 2012, On Official Website of IGNOU, a list of FAQs [Frequently Asked Questions] was updated. Pertaining to that, the more refined question of Indira Gandhi National Open University Score card updating can be asked as. “How much time it takes for updating assignments marks/Grades on the IGNOU‟s website?”

Which by officials is answered as “It takes about 15 working days for updating assignment marks on the IGNOU website.”How Many Times A Year My IGNOU Grade Card Is Updated

But, that’s not the answer for “How Many a times in a year, IGNOU Grade Card June 2018 is updated?”.

Answer Is – Mainly two times (apart from small updates). Since The University conducts examinations twice a year i.e. December and December. Thus, IGNOU 2018 Score Card is also updated twice a year.

What Is Meaning Of “Not Completed” In IGNOU Grade Card?

There’s a great connection between the word “Failure” & “Not Completed” when it comes to IGNOU. Or Directly we can say that Meaning of Not Completed in IGNOU Score Card is Fail.

But most crucial part here is to make clear that not only in case of failure. But also, Not completed means – Marks Not Updated or You haven’t submitted assignments or didn’t participate in TEE (Term End Examinations)

According to researchers, BCA [Bachelors of Computer Applications] Course of Indira Gandhi National Open Universty holds a record. And the record is all about Number Of Maximum Students Failing in a single course.IGNOU Not Completed Meaning

Thus, out of Term End Examination [TEE] Theory, TEE Practical or TEE Assignment. If “Not Completed” is written under any of these in your Grade Card of IGNOU. Then, sorry to say, you’ll have to shift your focus on the reason behind this “IGNOU Grade Card Not Completed Means”.

IGNOU Grade Card Percentage Calculator: [Real or Fake?]

This has always been a doubt, whether IGNOU Percentage Calculators are real or fake?. Most prominently, it’s important to know, Why this doubt hits out brains?

Here’s the actual problem.

Mainly Official Website of Indira Gandhi National Open University is www.ignou.ac.in. Contrastingly, all other percentage calculators of IGNOU are not on IGNOU Website www.ignou.ac.in.

Rather, they are placed on other unofficial sites: www.myignou.com & www.ignoupc.blogspot.com.

On the other side, If these calculators were placed on www.ignou.ac.in. No one would have ever asked whether these are fake or real. Finally, how they are able to calculate & provide you a real percentage of yours.

In short, they are actually connected to the servers of IGNOU. Also, Percentage Calculators of Indira Gandhi National Open University works on the principle of DOM Manipulation. 

Stack OverFlow defines DOM Manipulation as “It means working with the Document Object Model, which is an API to work with XML like documents. From w3 on the DOM: The Document Object Model is a platform- and language-neutral interface that will allow programs and scripts to dynamically access and update the content, structure, and style of documents”.

Official Steps To Check [Updated] Grade Card of IGNOU

  • Finally, you can save your time by Visiting this page. As this page will direct you to official IGNOU Grade Card Page.
  • Also, for future purpose, you can save/write/bookmark this URL “https://webservices.ignou.ac.in/GradecardR/” with you for some help.
  • Your New Grade Card (If status updated) will appear on your screen.
  • Further IGNOU Official website doesn’t provide you a direct button to download or save you grade card.
  • Thus to sort that out. You’ll have to capture your screen.

If you’re thinking of checking your Grade Cards By Name. This Is For You.

IGNOU Grade Cards “CANNOT BE CHECKED” by Names. Instead, to check your grade card, you’ll need to know about your Programme Name & EN {Enrollment Number} both.

Unfortunately, Indira Gandhi National Open University has not enabled any option till date which allows students to check their results or IGNOU Grade Card June 2018 by name.

As many institutions like Rajasthan University or Delhi University (in some courses) have enabled the feature of checking results by name. Thus we hope IGNOU will also take such step soon.

Though there is not any authorized news confirmed by IGNOU Officials regarding Name Wise Grade Card of IGNOU.

We’ve tried to cover almost each & everything regarding IGNOU Grade Card June 2018 – December & December Term End: Student Zone Score Card, Result Login, Mark Sheet etc.

ResultGrade CardAdmission
Exam FormDate SheetHall Ticket
Question PaperPassing MarksMarksheet
ScholarshipToppersCourses List
Improvement FormMarks CalculatorAffiliated Colleges
Study MaterialBooksPracticals
OPENMATYogaContact Number

Also, must-read today’s IGNOU Latest News. Still, if you face any questions regarding the topic such as IGNOU Grade Card December 2019 Status: परिणाम जारी, just make sure you let us know in the comment box.


  1. Hello, I have attended BA Exam, in my marks sheet few subjects are shown as NOT COMPLETED even though I have scored passing marks and submitted the assignments. My question here is do I just submit the assignment or I have to write the entire Exam again along with submitting the assignment.

  2. Sir I have completed all papers of my B. Ed term end exam in Dec 2019 but my assignment havn’t yet entered in grade card . Plz help me why have not entered. My enrollment no is 184291929

  3. Sir,I am student of Ignou appeared in b.Ed term end exam in the month of dec-2019 my enrollment no is 184359695 .I am from Anantnag j& k.The result of course Bes-127 is not declared yet

  4. Pradeepta kishore das

    Sir I applied cit course in june2019 .my enrollment no-198374735 and my pradeepta kishore das .on dec2019 I appeared cit theory and practice exam under dr bullay college vi amdheraprades .I already submitted my assignment before exam like cit1 cit2 cit3, CIT-lab paper.to the study center. Alrady they given acknowledge ment to me for submit of assignment .but to day I check my score grade card I see the CIT-lL is incompleted . What that mean I can not understand. So plz solve that and send the mark sheet and origin result plz update that .and infro me my email I’[email protected]

    • Grade card not updated after 20th march 19 due to covid 19 so you don’t worry. Assignment mark will updated soon.

      • My grade card not complete… Mainy all assigment submit kiye h but mujy ek paper mai assigment kay marks nhi diye gye h…
        MED002 assigment kay marks nhi diye h
        Enrollment no-181418056
        Programme code- MPS
        Study centre code-0737
        Term end exam 2019
        Plzz update my assigment number MED002

  5. younus nazir khan

    sir my result is not uploaded.my course is pgdpsm and enrol no is 191433625

    • My grade card is not update mene december 2019 mein apna project submit kiya tha status mein show ho rha h 11feb,2020 ko mere grade card mein marks update ho gye h but grade card mein abhi tk koi marks update nahi hue h “Not completed” show ho rha h, sir plz help
      Yash Chahar
      course code-BDP

  6. Hi 2019 me 3 yrs Ka exam Di magar abhi tak result Nahi Aaya hai ehd 04 ka

  7. Sir I am completed my third year examination bdp my two subject number BEGE 102 and ACC1 is not showing in grade card and show grade card not completed what I can do.

  8. Hi sir / madam,
    When will you update the all the subjects assignment and written exams marks for Term end exam December – 2019

    • sir 2019 december mein BA (AMT01) ka project submit kiya tha abhi tk marks update nahi hue h kab tk honge

    • Dear Sir,
      On 19/02/20 Dec 19 Result declared but one subject declared on 19/03/20 before 19/03/20 my Grade Crad shown completed except that one subject but on 19/03/20 after declaring result of that remained subject, my Grade carde not shown, massage flash that enrollment no not found while my result shown on website. what it means. please reply.

  9. I submitted my assignment before due date (2019 September) of submission still I didn’t get updated grade card. There is one assignment marks not shown in result grade card .
    Now plz tell how many update would be come out.
    So I can wait.

    • Dear, Sir/mam I am give the exam on dec 2019 but mam 3 subjects theory marks not show in grade card why… Only 3 sub..marks not show..

  10. Sir/mam I completed mhd 1,mhd 5,mhd 7,mhd 13,mhd 15,mhd 16 but I didn’t got mhd 14 theory paper marks…what would I do??

  11. Respected Ma’am/Sir
    I am a student of IGNOU BA Sociology june session final year my all subjects are theory i have no pratical subjects. In june 2019 when i appered for 2nd year exams there were total 4 subjects in all in 2 subjects my i was pass and in 2 subjects i was fail. But i was pass in all assignments. In december 2019 i appeared for backpaper in those subjects in which i was fail in june 2019. My question is that can my june marks the subjects in which i was fail be added along with my december 2019 Backpaer exams. Is there any system of addition of marks in IGNOU? Please respond to my query

  12. I am a student of BA Sociology in 2nd year i had 4 subjects in all. i have no pratical subjects all subjects are theory. i am a student of june sesion. In 2nd year in all assignments i am in pass in 2 theory subjects, i am pass in all assignments. and in rest of the 2 subjects i am fail. i appeared for backpaper in december 2019 for those subjects in which my i was failed.. my question is the marks i have secured in june 2019 exams in the subjects which i am fail.. can my these marks be added along with backpaper exams the exam i gave in december 2019.. is there any system of adddition of marks in IGNOU?

    • There is no system of adding previous marks in any University in which a student fails because it not the game of children to study in any University

      • Respected sir/ma’am
        This is Tanusree dey student of MAH. I have submitted my assignment to my study centre on 1.03.2020. before this situation. Now students are instructed to submit assignment online. What should I do now? I don’t have 2nd copy of my assignment. How do I come to know whether my assignments have received by the teachers or not?

  13. It has been 1 year i didnot receive my marksheet.When i query the IGNOU they said one of your subject is not completed.But grade card is not listing one subject i.e BCSL045. When i asked ignou for marksheet,they said one of your subject is not compeleted. But this subject is not listed on grade card.
    Can anyone suggest what should i do ?

  14. Sir. I am a student of bdp. Ba. My final year result is complete.. 140666329

  15. Helo sir, i have submitted my assigment but there are not showing their marks of fhd2.in bshf101 did not to be add assigment so please sir check my grade card
    My enrollment 186549834
    Programme b.com

  16. Sir out of four exams of pgdac course mch003 result has not been updated till now.rest three paper result are out now, kindly tell whats the reason and how much it wil take .My enrollment no.is 175826690

  17. One of my friend result of meg 08 had shown who appeared in June 2019 tee exam. But till date my result has not shown. Why? N when my result will show although I also appeared in June 2019 tee exam for meg 08. Please do as needful. My Enrollment number is 176374744.

  18. Mahoday Maine assignment pach subject ka submit Kiya tha jisne BHDF 101 ka result so nahi kar Raha hai mera enrollment no 188147218 hai kripaya upar diya Gaya BHDF 101 ka result batau dhannaybad. Chiranjivi Sharma.I am student of IGNOU secend year

  19. Sir I am upset by my result ,as it is showing ‘Not Completed’ please tell me what is the passing marks for PGDPM(post graduate diploma in plantation managment) course for 50 and 100 marks. My Enrolment No is

  20. sir mera gradecard mein marks pass marking ha pr gradecard for not completed show ho raha ha

  21. Shiv Kumar Pandit

    Excuse me sir!

    Kindly intimate the final updation of GRADE Card of TEE Jun 2019 as MEG-16 not yet updated.

  22. Sir my mcom ibo 3 june 2019 result is not showing. My enrollment no is 188179720. I attended my all the exams in june. Please help me sir.

  23. Sir My Enrollment No is 165448530. Assignment Jun 19 Subject Code BSWE4, Not uploaded, please check my status and inform

  24. Sir meri m.a history k do assignment ke no. Nahi show ho rahe term end theory me pass hoo what to do

  25. Tania Bhattacharya

    I have appeared for MEG01 and MEG07 exams in June 2019. The result declared is showing marks only for MEG01 and MEG07 is showing “not complete “. What do I do now? Please help

    • I attended mso002 and ms004 in June 2019 but ignou has declared only MSO002 reslt and MSO004 status shows incomplete what to do?

    • I have appeared MEG1 MEG 10 and MEG 14
      Newly updated results only showing MEG 1 result.. Other two showing not completed .

      I have the same problem. If you can get any solution please inform me

    • Sir , i have submitted my assigment yet there are not showing my marks in fhd2 also in bshf101 in this subject did not to be add assigment marks so please check my grade card i m confused .
      My enrollment no. 186549834
      Programme b.com

  26. I had given exam of BLIS in June 2019. I want to pursue MLIS and as the results are still awaited and last date for admission is 14 aug 19. Will the results be out in two days or I had to wait for Jan 2020 for MLIS admission.

    Is there any other solutions

    • Radhika Kumari Shaw

      Sir maine dec 2017 me MHD programme me admission liya tha or mujhe apna address change krna pda mera mobile no bhi galat tha mobile no thik krne ke liye letter regional centre bheje the pr correct nhi hua pr address ke liye form bheje the address correction ho gya. Maine June 2019 me apna sara paper ka exam de diya hai agar clear ho jata hai toh mere new address pr marksheet aa jayega toh sir pr mera mobile no galat hai.mera regional centre kolkata salt lake hai or enrollment no 172689764 .Plz tell me sir.


    Myself KARAMCHAND KUMBHAR.. I have completed my B.A in IGNOU but till now not received my marksheet and provisional certificates. En.Number- 151040576

  28. Sir results kab Tak aayega please batye bdp ka ,

  29. I am R.Karpagavalli.My enrollment no:152177509.
    Course B.Ed.I had written 5 papers on December 2018.But still 1 paper result (BESE 065)not declared,since language problem. I had written all papers in Tamil only.My course duration completed on December 2018. I contact so many numbers and sent to lot of mails.But no response.when will declare the result? Can I wait hopefully to get the result? Please give me any update of my answer scripts.

  30. Hi
    I am a student of MAH and my enrollment number 146912580 and i cannot access my grade card pl help

  31. Sir, I am a student of MAH with enrollment number 146555840. I wanted to check my grade card status but it is not showing. What could have been the problem could you please inform me kindly.

  32. Sir i am a student of ignou b’ed i had given term end exam on December 2018 still my result are not found suggest me please my enrolment no is 184313787

  33. Md afzal kousar

    Sir,mai ne December 2017 mai first year BDP ka exam diya tha two subjects mai mera incomplete hogya kiya mai june 2019 mai yeh two subjects ka exam de skta hun uske liye mujhe re ragistraion toh nhi kraana hoga. Two subject ka exam fess bhi mai ne fill krdiya, kindly request sir rpl plz.

    • Sir please tell me my BDP ignou results is showing not correct sometime it’s show 3 subject not completed n sometime it’s only two of left them my subject is Acc1,Eso15 n,Eso16 plz plz reply me sir I’m so worried about dis bcoz dis is my last chance sir thank you.

  34. Hi, Sir, This is Imtiaz, my assignment for BEGE 104 only was not updated yet for this my grade card is not complete yet.Please help me.My enrolment is 163092884.

    • Team IGNOU.GURU

      Hello Imtiaz,
      Updating the Grade Card by IGNOU department generally takes a lot of time. So have patience, please wait.

      • sir,i have already applied revaluation for my MPC-006 of december 2018 exam,but no result found till now,my enrolment number is 165730097,please help.

  35. sir i have got 28 out of 50 but still shows incompleted in mapc

  36. Sir, I am a student of B.A under Ignou, my enrolment no. is 151438833.
    My assignment award in BHDE- 107 & EPS 03 had been submitted to the Regional Office at Shyam Lal College Shahdra but no yet entered in Grade Card. Besides that in My Grade Card assignment award was entered in BHDE- 107 & EPS 03 which is not my optional paper. Due to these two My marks sheet remained incomplete. please help me sir I am very tensed & Confused.

  37. Sir i appeared in Dec 2017 but i have not received my marksheet and provisional certificate till now. I am trying to contact delhi no. Nd have mailed too but no response. Tell me what should i do next

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