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IGNOU Grade Card December 2018 Status: MCA, BA, MA

Again on 18th January 2019, Grade Card is updated. IGNOU Grade Card December 2018 Status: MCA, BA, MA & all other courses NOW AVAILABLE. But, Grade Card Status is updated only for candidates who applied for the EARLY DECLARATION of Result. For all other candidates, Grade Card will be updated in Mid-February 2019.IGNOU Grade Card Not UpdatedRelated to IGNOU Grade Card Status, 2 kinds of statements we often receive. First, “Woohoo 🙂 … Status of My IGNOU Grade Card has been UPDATED”. Second, “Afterall, 😥 when my IGNOU Grade Card Status will be UPDATED”. 

If your case lies within this range. Perfect, this post is written for you only. You’ll also come to know how often IGNOU Grade Card is updated. Recently we analyzed thousands of comments regarding not so often updates of IGNOU Grade Card Status [Not Completed Means], By Name, December Form: Student Zone Score Card, Application Form 2018, Admit Card & Provisional Certificate.

In that survey, we came across this. “I have appeared in December 2016 examination and gave my 2 exams MCO 01 and MCO 07 now the result has come but my MCO 01 IGNOU Term End Result December 2016 is not given only MCO 07 result is show Plz solve my problem my enrolment no is 14XXXXX00”.

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Now, finally, what steps should be taken by this individual? But before taking any steps, we recommend you to understand in-depth meanings of IGNOU Grade Card for BCA & What is IGNOU Grade Card Percentage Calculator?. 

Choose the one below which suits best to your query –

What Is IGNOU Grade Card?
How Often Is Grade Card Updated?
Meaning Of Not Completed In Grade Card
IGNOU Grade Card Percentage Calculator
Steps To Check [Updated] Grade Card of IGNOU
IGNOU Grade Cards By Name

What Is “IGNOU Grade Card”? How Is It Different From IGNOU Mark Sheet or IGNOU Score Card?

Indira Gandhi National Open University, like every other {central, state, private & government} universities of the world publish its IGNOU Exam Results online. Thus the web page, on which IGNOU Result is declared, is known as Grade Card of Indira Gandhi National Open University.

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Format & Image of IGNOU MCA Grade Card is like.

Indira Gandhi National Open University
Current Grade Card Status As On December 2017
(For Information Only)

Enrollment Number: XXXXXXXXX
Name: (IGNOU Grade Card December 2016)
Program: MCA

The Status Is Indicative Only & Cannot Be Used As Substitute For The Final Grade Card Which Is Sent By SED At The End Of Semester.

Course CodeAsgn1Asgn2Asgn3Asgn4Term End TheoryTerm End PracticalStatus

Not withstanding the result published/ declared, any case of UFM (Unfair Means) if found will make such results null & void.
Note: This is just a format of IGNOU Grade Card June 2018. Thus, it has got nothing to do with Original Grade Card of IGNOU.IGNOU Grade Card Image

IGNOU Score Card & IGNOU Grade Card June 2018 have the same meaning. While Mark Sheet is different from Grade Card. Also, Mark Sheet of IGNOU is most popularly known as IGNOU Statement Of Marks.

Many times, students are confused with the terms IGNOU Mark Sheet & IGNOU Provisional Certificate. Remember, there’s a difference between the two.

Provisional Certificates are provided by RCs (Regional Centers) on Demand. Eventually, Why students demand provisional certificates from RCs?.

The reason behind is when a student is looking for admission in some other college/university or taking a competitive examination. And if in that procedure, a student is asked for some official proof of being a part of Indira Gandhi National Open University.

After successful completion of Graduation News, IGNOU sends IGNOU Mark Sheets by post to the registered address of the student.

{Note: If Your Mark Sheet is still not reached to you at home. Or for any other kind of problem regarding Mark Sheet of IGNOU, you can visit here}

How Often Is IGNOU Grade Card Updated?

Earlier in 2012, On Official Website of IGNOU, a list of FAQs [Frequently Asked Questions] was updated. Pertaining to that, the more refined question of Indira Gandhi National Open University Score card updating can be asked as. “How much time it takes for updating assignments marks/Grades on the IGNOU‟s website?”

Which by officials is answered as “It takes about 15 working days for updating assignment marks on the IGNOU website.”How Many Times A Year My IGNOU Grade Card Is Updated

But, that’s not the answer for “How Many a times in a year, IGNOU Grade Card June 2018 is updated?”.

Answer Is – Mainly two times (apart from small updates). Since The University conducts examinations twice a year i.e. December and December. Thus, IGNOU 2018 Score Card is also updated twice a year.

What Is Meaning Of “Not Completed” In IGNOU Grade Card?

There’s a great connection between the word “Failure” & “Not Completed” when it comes to IGNOU. Or Directly we can say that Meaning of Not Completed in IGNOU Score Card is Fail.

But most crucial part here is to make clear that not only in case of failure. But also, Not completed means – Marks Not Updated or You haven’t submitted assignments or didn’t participate in TEE (Term End Examinations)

According to researchers, BCA [Bachelors of Computer Applications] Course of Indira Gandhi National Open Universty holds a record. And the record is all about Number Of Maximum Students Failing in a single course.IGNOU Not Completed Meaning

Thus, out of Term End Examination [TEE] Theory, TEE Practical or TEE Assignment. If “Not Completed” is written under any of these in your Grade Card of IGNOU. Then, sorry to say, you’ll have to shift your focus on the reason behind this “IGNOU Grade Card Not Completed Means”.

IGNOU Grade Card Percentage Calculator: [Real or Fake?]

This has always been a doubt, whether IGNOU Percentage Calculators are real or fake?. Most prominently, it’s important to know, Why this doubt hits out brains?

Here’s the actual problem.

Mainly Official Website of Indira Gandhi National Open University is Contrastingly, all other percentage calculators of IGNOU are not on IGNOU Website

Rather, they are placed on other unofficial sites: &

On the other side, If these calculators were placed on No one would have ever asked whether these are fake or real. Finally, how they are able to calculate & provide you a real percentage of yours.

In short, they are actually connected to the servers of IGNOU. Also, Percentage Calculators of Indira Gandhi National Open University works on the principle of DOM Manipulation. 

Stack OverFlow defines DOM Manipulation as “It means working with the Document Object Model, which is an API to work with XML like documents. From w3 on the DOM: The Document Object Model is a platform- and language-neutral interface that will allow programs and scripts to dynamically access and update the content, structure, and style of documents”.

Official Steps To Check [Updated] Grade Card of IGNOU

  • Finally, you can save your time by Clicking Here. As this page will direct you to official IGNOU Grade Card Page.
  • Also, for future purpose, you can save/write/bookmark this URL “” with you for some help.
  • Your New Grade Card (If status updated) will appear on your screen.
  • Further IGNOU Official website doesn’t provide you a direct button to download or save you grade card.
  • Thus to sort that out. You’ll have to capture your screen.

If you’re thinking of checking your Grade Cards By Name. This Is For You.

IGNOU Grade Cards “CANNOT BE CHECKED” by Names. Instead, to check your grade card, you’ll need to know about your Programme Name & EN {Enrollment Number} both.

Unfortunately, Indira Gandhi National Open University has not enabled any option till date which allows students to check their results or IGNOU Grade Card June 2018 by name.

As many institutions like Rajasthan University or Delhi University (in some courses) have enabled the feature of checking results by name. Thus we hope IGNOU will also take such step soon.

Though there is not any authorized news confirmed by IGNOU Officials regarding Name Wise Grade Card of IGNOU.

We’ve tried to cover almost each & everything regarding IGNOU Grade Card June 2018 – December & December Term End: Student Zone Score Card, Result Login, Mark Sheet etc.

ResultGrade CardAdmission
Exam FormDate SheetHall Ticket
Question PaperPassing MarksMarksheet
ScholarshipToppersCourses List
Improvement FormMarks CalculatorAffiliated Colleges
Study MaterialBooksPracticals
OPENMATYogaContact Number

If you’ve any doubts with that. Just Comment your query below. Also, must read today’s IGNOU Latest News.


  1. Sir my BA part 1st term end june 2017 result is declared my 4 subject is wriiten is completed and 5th subject FEG2 is written not completed but my FEG 2 SUBJECT MARKS NOT shown what is the meaning in that case i am totaly confuse what is the matter if i fail in that particular subject then why my marks is not written sir pls solve my problem as aoon as possible. My enrolment no is 165491629 and course is BA REGIONAL centre jammu commerce college and study centre code is 1280 bhargva degree college samba .
    Sir pls solve out my problem i shall be highly thankful to u for this act of kindness

    • It means result of that subject still to be declared , donot worry wait few days more .Marks will be updated soon by ignou .
      Till marks not updated in Garde card there is not need to be worry .

    • Sir, I am a student of D.El.Ed under Ignou, my enrolment no. is 150954019.
      My assignment award in BES- 019 had been submitted to the Regional Office at Aizawl but no yet entered in Grade Card. Besides that in My Grade Card ssignment award was entered in BES 020 which is not my optional paper. Due to these two My marks sheet remained incomplete. My papers in the 2nd year are BES-016, BES-017, BES -018 and BES-019

    • Same problem with it means I fail

  2. Sir my BA part 1st term end june 2017 result is declared my 4 subject is wriiten is completed and 5th subject FPB1 is written not completed but my FPB1 SUBJECT MARKS NOT shown what is the meaning in that case i am totaly confuse what is the matter if i fail in that particular subject then why my marks is not written sir pls solve my problem as aoon as possible. My enrolment no is 167075982 and course is BA.
    Sir pls solve out my problem i shall be highly thankful to u for this act of kindness

  3. Sir my ibo05 result not declared yet… wat to do?? Kindly hrlp me….

  4. Sir I am a student of ignou Bed …I had given term end exam on June 2017 still my results are not found …please suggest me .enrolment no 140127992

    • Sir help me to get my results and update the grade card. I called in your helpline numbers but none picked da phone …I m confused n tensed ..please help me to know my results

    • Hello Hrituparna,
      Actually, you were unable to check your results because University official website didn’t publish all courses and students result in one single day. Thus, your result may not be revealed yet.

  5. sir,
    I am doing meg course june 2016 batch I have submitted all my assignment but two of my paper are recieved as not completed. what is it mean? what should I do? please help me.

    Thank you.

  6. sir.
    I have done me meg course 2016 june batch and I have submitted all my assignment but two of my paper are recieved as not completed. what is it mean? And what should I do?what should I do? please help me.
    thank you

  7. Sir,
    I have a doubt in my ignou mark list that i saw the status for every subjects as “COMPLETED” .
    Does it mean i am passed in all subjects or it just mean the valuation is completed ??

  8. Sir I m Deepak from I m Pursuing BA 2nd year but by mistake I submitted two times of assingment June and now also but my session is December when I see the assingment submission status there showing june session so it will modify or it will have some problem in exam time.plz help me sir

  9. I am saddened by the “Not Completed” status. There is a genuine reason for being upset. It’s 23 October, almost three months since I took the June TEE but my grade sill being seen NOT COMPLETED. I wonder how could I apply for December TEE in case I could not clear a couple of papers taken in June TEE. Last date for applying is reaching dead end soon.

  10. Sir,Could you help me out!

  11. My enrollment No-143020541, program code-BA and completed tee June 2017,but not received my marksheet &certificate. So please check the status and inform me .

    • Hello Ranjeet,
      There are chances that your Marksheet has been dispatched from the regional centre but not reached your registered address following some obstacle in postal services. Following this, you’re advised to visit your RC and ask them for the proper status offline.

  12. My june tee 2017 result of 4 papers has not been updated yet…2017 is my last year to complete my course… Now it is 3rd dec…how long i have to wait

    • Hello Sanjay,
      Updating the results online is only in the hands of the technical team. For instant status, make sure to visit your Regional Center manually.

  13. SIR .I am shazia Maqbool Bhat from jammu kashmir.i have passed my masters in december 2016.and submitted my project in may 2017.but i didn’t recieved my marks sheet and please check the status and inform…my enrollment no.151585053, course MARD.

  14. Hi ,
    I had clear all the papers of 3rd year BA(BDP) Course. But only assigment marks are not yet updated and it is showing ‘Not completed’ in Grade Card. I appeared the exam on this june of this year. So what to do? Will the IGNOU update the assignment marks. I submitted all the assignment paper but still not updated and being delayed.

  15. Hello sir actually my one theory marks not updated so I m worry my enrollment no is 161019662 and grade card showing for that subject not completed assignment all subjects marks completed written there my course is bdp so plzzz help me what does it mean I m fail or what plzzz reply me sir I m very much confusing

  16. Please he me whom should i contact now because i have submitted all assignment but results is not completed

  17. Sir my marks of 1 subject is not shown and on status write not completed. If I fail in any subject in that case marks are not shown.

  18. hello i gave my cncc exams for one exam result is shown while for the other it just shows the marks for assignment . It shows not completed but i gave exam and would have passed .

  19. Hello sir, I have checked my result dec 2017and shown that enrollment no not found or result yet to be declared.

  20. hello… my enrollment number is 159733650.. I can see only my assignment mark and theory marks is not reflected in the column. Kindly upload the marks .

  21. Hello sir,

    My m. a result of English had been declared but the status is showing not completed in MEG 1 and MEG 3. I am not able to get whether I am fail or pass. Kindly let me know.

  22. Sir,I get grade card ..but 2 subjects shows not completed it means I m fail? Marks shown like above 40 …I m confused please help me sir

  23. I have appeared for TEE dec 2017 in MSO.but my result is not updated till today.when will I get my result?

  24. What is the meaning Of * in term end result.
    I have received *in my result MS-29.
    Please guide.

  25. Sir 2017 December session MEG course ka MEG 05 completed aaya hain lekin MEG 10 , 11 , 07 not complete dikha raha hain lekin assignment mark show kar raha hain.I m confused ….please help me out kindly…

  26. Sir…..I have appeared for TEE 2017 in December…,and the results are updated in grade card ,and it shows completed except of one subject (eso15) which shows not completed.
    Can u please help me understand this …what is mean by not completed ,does it mean fail or something esle…,plz try to reply asap


    Hi Team

    MCO 01 I have got Assignment 59 and Theory 36
    Is this pass or fail. I think pass percentage is 35 in Theory rite!? Then why it is showing Not Completed Status!?

  28. Yuvrajsinh Thakor

    I am a BTCM student my term end December 2017 result is declared and i had clear all my subject but in grade card one subject code ET 502B shows incomplete i scored 40 marks and assignment marks is 21 but in grade card still it shows incomplete,i think there is a technical issue of website.
    so can you please tell me what to do? Because i have cleared all my subject but due to this problem i can not get my provisional marksheet or certificate, please reply as soon as possible

  29. Sir I have been completed my MA in History in Dec 2017. The grade card also updated by IGNOU online but till date I did not get my Grade card. Kindly help or guide me how can I get my marks card.
    Thanking you.

  30. Sir, I m unable to see the result MLIP 002 (MLIS). My enrol no ..150104114. Plz help me.

    • Hello Ila Bora,

      For which Term End Examination you’re trying to check results online?

      • I submited my dessertation On february 2018. I hv allready get my theory and assnmntt
        marks in dec 2016 term. but i m unable to see the status of project submission .Is it receiv or not . Plz help.

      • I submited the project on feb 2018. I hv already found result of assnmnt and theory in dec term 2016. I hv complete it. Now i want to know the project status. Is it receive SED or not.

      • I submited the project 2018 Feb. I hv already found theory nd assignment mark. so i want to know is the project received or not .Pls help.I m unable to saw the project result.

  31. I submited my dessertation On february 2018. I hv allready get my theory and assnmntt
    marks in dec 2016 term. but i m unable to see the status of project submission .Is it receiv or not . Plz help.

  32. Sir,
    I have Scored 76 in my FEG 01 Assignment and 30 in theory out of 50.
    But calculation using above criteria 70% theory and 30% assignment
    my total is coming 42.9%

    So did i fail the exam?

  33. sir
    i have written and complete my BA course in june 2015 but still eso11 subject code is showing not complete .. what ignou exam centre is doing still .. please exam superintendent . update my grade card immidiate .. my e -no. 145088364. miding lego

  34. sir namaste sir iam sangita sahu rollno 152248922 sir i have completed my graduation in this year my second year assignment mark is not update yet please update soon sir its very urgent.

  35. why it shows enrollment number not found in while downloading grade card.

  36. Sir
    i am student of 2nd year, i submitted my all assignment 27 March 2018 but not show my grade card
    and 61 marks ke bad bhi not completed bta rha hai
    plzzz help me.

    • Hello Pooja,
      Many a time “Not completed” in the grade card means your Grade Card is yet to be uploaded. Thus, please wait for a while.

  37. Sir ji I am complete MA all subject except mso-03not complete only I’ll get 34 out of 100should I give re exam or its passing result

  38. Hi Team,

    My name is Ravi, Verma and my Enrollment # is 176709201 for BA course 1st year.I can only see 2 subjects showing is COMPLETED and 3 as NOT COMPLETED. I’am not sure what it means and how to go about with it.

    Request you advise and help here.

  39. Sir mere grade card mein msoe 1 not completed dikha rha hai theory mein kr rha hai pr assignment k no. Show nhi kr rha Maine sare assignment submit krae hai assignments status check Kia toh ussme 1 yr Ka subject 2 baar show ho rha hai 2yr k subject k badle date 2018 ki hai Jb sare assignment submit Kia the pr msoe1 ki jgha 1yr ka subject show ho rha hai pls help me

  40. I had given eco3 examination in june this year and the results are also out but why in my grade card it’s written not complete with no marks in theory column but assignment marks are written

  41. Hi IGNOU Team,
    My name is Suman and my Enrollment 177474964… I have appeared for TEE 2018 in June for MLIS course. The results are updated in grade card and it shows completed except of one subject (MLI101) which shows not completed. I am not sure what it means and how to go about with it.
    Request you advise and try to reply asap.

    Thanks and Regards
    Suman (MLIS)
    Enrollment 177474964



  44. Dear Sir/ Madam,

    I have enrolled in June 2017 Cycle for MCOM program. My IBO06 marks for JUNE 2018 session have not been updated in my grade card as yet. The field is blank and the theory marks are updated. The status shows not completed. I had duly submitted my assignment along all the other assignments(of 5 subjects).
    Request you to kindly look into the matter and provide me a solution for the same.

  45. Sir …… 1st year and 2nd year k exam m kuch subjects m incomplete show kar rha hai ….mean……assignment marks..nhi h unke …and mai bahut jada preshan hu plzzzz…. Solve my problem……..mera inrollment no.167153026.

  46. Same problem ..
    ..yr koi solution mile to plzzz mujhe v btana


    Sir,mera MHI-10 ka assignment marks show nhi kar rha hai.Kab tak show karega ya mujhe kya karna hoga.Mera subject code MAH hai or enrolment no. 167682396 hai. Sir,please help me.

    • Hello Shiv Shankar,
      Agar MHI-10 ke marks show nahin ho rhe hain to need not worry. Aapke marks abhi tak update nahin hue hain. Marks bahut jald hi update ho jayenge.

  48. Sir BA 1st december section ka result kub aayaga

    • Hello Mehboob,
      The result of Bachelor of Arts, 1st December is expected to be unveiled on this page very soon around 10th February. Stay in touch with us till then.

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