100% Working & Free Top 5 Tools for Calculating Marks & Percentage in IGNOU

Result of IGNOU is announced. And, you can check your grade cards on the official website here -> www.ignou.ac.in. If you’ve completed your six or more months studying at Indira Gandhi National Open University, you must have understood the importance of IGNOU Percentage Calculator or IGNOU Marks Calculator till now.?

And, if yes. Now you must be looking out for ONE SINGLE Online Grade Card Calculator that is –

  1. 100% working (24/7) & should not show any server down kind of problem.
  2. Totally free of cost.
  3. Able to show the calculated percentage of marks for almost all the courses listed below.

But, the good news is – Not 1, Not 2, we have total Five Best Tools available on this page. And, indeed, without showing any server problem they’re gonna calculate your percentages and marks free of cost in a single eye blink.

Indira Gandhi National Open University Marks Calculator

But, before switching over to list of those Percentage Calculators of Indira Gandhi National Open University, lets first dive into three most asked questions regarding “Calculation of Marks in IGNOU.” And also, their best possible answers. ✍

Question#1: How do we calculate the percentage by grade card of IGNOU where it contains practical marks together with theory and assignment marks?

Answer#1: As an answer to this one, every expert would advise you to check out tools available on the internet. Specifically, if you’re asking for BCA or MCA.

Question#2: How is percentage calculated in IGNOU BA, MPS, BCA, MCA & Other Courses (Including the assignment marks)?

Answer#2:  Along with the rule of passing marks in IGNOU, there is also a rule for assigning the marks/ percentage/ grades in Indira Gandhi National Open University.

In IGNOU, Assignment carries 30% weightage and term end examination carries 70% weightage. 

Eg: if you have scored 80 marks in assignment and 70 marks in term-end theory paper, your marks in that particular paper will be –

30% of assignment which is 30% of 80=24

70% of theory paper which is 70% of 70=49

so the total mark in the paper will be = 49+24=73.

Calculate marks of all paper like this. add them and compute your total percentage of 1200 marks.

Quick#Tip: Facing any problem? Don’t worry, a step by step guide is provided just below the list of calculators below.

How to calculate marks in IGNOU

Question#3: What are the best tools to check IGNOU Percentage Calculator Online with enrollment number so that no manual effort is required?

Answer#3: The list of all five tools designed by many IGNOU students & another university IT & CS graduates is determined below. Have patience & keep reading. You’ll love it.

IGNOU Percentage Calculator: Online Marks Calculator for BCA, MCA

List of courses in IGNOU for which marks or percentage can be calculated using online tools – 

  • MCA (Master of Computer Application)
  • MPS (Master of Professional Studies)
  • BCA (Bachelor in Computer Application)
  • BA (Bachelor of Arts)
  • BDP (Bachelors Degree Program)
  • MA (Master of Art)
  • M.Com (Master of Commerce)
  • B.Com (Bachelor of Commerce)
  • BPP (Bachelor Preparatory Programme)
  • B.Ed (Bachelor of Education)
  • MBA (Master of Business Administration)
  • DPE (Director of Physical Education)
  • MPA (Master of Public Administration)
  • MEG (Master of Arts In English)
  • BCA Revised
  • MCA Revised

But (something important),

You can see that in the list above, MBA course is also mentioned. But before that having knowledge of “How the percentage of marks are Calculated in IGNOU MBA?” is equally important. Thus, next 150 words are for Management & Business aspirants only. Others can directly just to list of best IGNOU percentage calculators.

Letter Grade Percentage Equivalent Qualitative Level
A 80% and above Excellent
B 60% to 79.9% Very Good
C 50% to 59.9% Good
D 40% to 49.9% Satisfactory
E Below 40% Un-satisfactory

For completion of MBA Course, Programme in IGNOU, besides, IGNOU Percentage Calculator these three are the most basic minimum requirements.

    • “C” should be an overall grade.
Result Grade Card Admission
Exam Form Date Sheet Hall Ticket
Syllabus Assignment Fees
Question Paper Passing Marks Marksheet
Scholarship Toppers Courses List
Registration Re-Registration Convocation
Improvement Form Marks Calculator Affiliated Colleges
Study Material Books Practicals
ID Card BEd PhD
OPENMAT Yoga Contact Number
    • Minimum ‘D’ Grade in Term End Examination [June TEE and December TEE] in each course.


  • Minimum ‘D’ Grade in Continuous Evaluation in each course.

While for other Schemes of Study in Management Programme suggests –

    • MBA: Should successfully complete all 21 courses and Project (MS 100).


    • To qualify for PGSDM: Should successfully be completed PGDIM and all 05 courses from the area of specialization.


    • To qualify for PGDIM: Should successfully be completed all courses from MS 01 to MS 11.


  • To qualify for DIM: Should successfully complete courses of MS 01, MS 02, MS 03 and any of two from MS 04, MS 05, MS 06, MS 07.

Best 5 Marks & Percentage Calculator Tools for IGNOU students in 2018 (& Beyond)

But before publishing that list of tools, Team myIGNOUguide here disclaims that –

    1. The tools published below are not placed rank wise. Rather, we’ve put them randomly. Thus, there is NOTHING like – tool on 1st position is best, and that on last on is average.


    1. None of these tools is owned by www.myIGNOUguide.com. But are just a few of the best Percentage Calculators of IGNOU available online.


  1. It’s not guaranteed, that these tools will show you calculated marks for all the courses mentioned above. While few of these shows you only for two courses. And, many can calculate for five or more, depending works of owner and manager of the tool.

#1 www.myignou.commyignou.com Percentage Calculator

#2 www.myignou.in

myignou.in Percentage Calculator

#3 www.ignousite.blogspot.in

ignousite.blogspot.in Percentage Calculator

#4 www.ignoupc.blogspot.inignoupc.blogspot.in Percentage Calculator

#5 www.ignoucalculator.comignoucalculator.com Percentage Calculator

Are you also facing a doubt like – there could be a technical glitch in the tools?

Right, that’s why we’ve provided the manual way of calculating IGNOU Marks and Percentages Online. Read out this step by step guide below.

How to check or calculate Marks & Percentages of IGNOU TEE (JUNE & DEC) offline or manually by hand?

Calculating your percentage is very simple and easy with the help of a small pocket calculator on your table. Now the simple steps are available for you to calculate your marks without any trouble and IGNOU Percentage Calculator.

  • For 1 subject, the total mark is 100.
  • The 100 marks will be separated as 30% for assignments and 70% given for written exam or theory papers.
  • Let’s take an example of the subject named “A.”
  • In your assignments, the total mark is given as 100
  • Suppose you got 70 marks in your assignment that is awarded by your IGNOU Regional Centre or Study Centre.
  • So 30% of 70 marks is 21 marks.
  • Then in your written exam, you got 70 marks out of 100 in subject named “A.”
  • Now the 70% of 70 marks is 49 so while calculating your marks you got 21+49 = 70 marks out of 100 in subject A.
  • Calculate in the similar way marks for other subjects
  • And then calculate % as marks you have got with the total marks of 100.

IGNOU Percentage Calculator 2018 – ignou.ac.in Marks Calculator MPS


The IGNOU provide many courses throughout this world in various departments to the students. And it offers both undergraduate and postgraduate courses such as

  • Phil
  • online programmes
  • doctoral degree,
  • Masters degree in all the departments of arts and science, engineering, business administrations and much more.
  • And it also offers diploma courses,
  • PG and advance certificate,
  • Bachelor’s degree,
  • PG and advance diploma course,
  • certificate course,
  • non-credit programs,
  • Appreciation programs and much more.

There is a little difference only available while the candidates calculating their percentage with the help of a calculator and in IGNOU Scorecard. The candidates were not able to know about the grade when they calculating the percentage via calculator but they know about their grades with the help of IGNOU scorecard. Please ask any question regarding IGNOU Percentage Calculator 2018 – ignou.ac.in Marks Calculator MPS.

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    • Sonu Singh Adhikari

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