25 January 2020 News: All those students who took Admission in January 2020 session in any course, can NOW DOWNLOAD their new ID Card of IGNOU. NOTE: To download the ID Card, 10-Digit enrollment number is must to enter. Yes, you read it right. It is 10-Digit Enrollment number.First time in history, IGNOU Dec TEE Exams In JANUARY 2020😮. ||ALERT! ALERT! ALERT! - Big Change in IGNOU from Dec. 2019 TEE onwards - The exams of Foundation course (FST and BSHF101) will be held twice, once for the students of BA and B.Com and next for the students of B.Sc. and rest of the programmes. On 30 December 2019, FST (B.A & B.Com) TEE will be held. On 7th December 2019, FST (B.Sc and Other programmes) TEE Will Be Held. Similarly, On 9th December 2019, BSHF101 (B.A. and B.Com) TEE will be held. And, on 18th December 2019 BSHF101 (B.Sc & Other Programmes) TEE will be held.|| Finally Today, IGNOU June 2019 Term End Exam Previous/ Old Question Papers are also AVAILABLE. And, according to IGNOU toppers, questions of June 2019 TEE will have a great impact on IGNOU Dec TEE 2019 Examinations.

IGNOU Assignment December 2019: BA Questions, Status, Last Date

IGNOU Assignment December 2019 Submission Date has been extended to 30th November 2019. Good News – IGNOU June 2020 Assignment Questions are updated now. IGNOU Assignment New Last DateBA Questions, Status, Last Date – BCom, BSc Status, MA, BCom, MCom, MCA @ https://webservices.ignou.ac.in/assignments 2020. Good news for all those candidates who were waiting for December 2019 Term End Examinations as the Date Sheet is released today. Download here – Date Sheet for Dec TEE for Indira Gandhi National Open University. IGNOU has started updating the Marks. You’re requested to follow the steps available below & check your IGNOU Assignment Status.

IGNOU Assignment December 2019: BA Questions, Status, Last Date


NOTE (In English): After checking with below-given steps, if you find your Assignment Status is not updated. You’re kindly requested to please visit your Study Centre with your IGNOU I-Card and Assignment Submission Slip. TIP: OFFLINE ASSIGNMENT STATUS IS UPDATED FAR EARLIER THAN ONLINE.

नोट (हिंदी में): नीचे दिए गए क़दमों से चेक करने के बाद भी अगर आपके असाइनमेंट स्टेटस अपडेटेड नहीं दिखता है तो आपसे अनुरोध है की कृपया अपने इग्नू आई कार्ड के साथ और असाइनमेंट सबमिशन स्लिप के साथ अपने इग्नू स्टडी सेंटर में पधारे | टिप: ऑफलाइन स्टेटस हमेशा ऑनलाइन स्टेटस से काफी जल्दी ही अपडेट हो जाती है |

  • Step 1: Visit this link of IGNOU Official Website for Assignment Status – https://admission.ignou.ac.in/changeadmdata/StatusAssignment.ASP.
  • Step 2: For Assignment/ Project/ Practical Submission Status Checking, Enter Enrollment No. (9 Digit)*.
  • Step 3: Enter Programme Code
  • Step 4: Hit Submit Button and your Status will open up.

ASSIGNMENTS (Programme wise)


Master’s Degree Programmes



M.A.(Pol. Science)



Ist Year || IInd Year (July 2019)


July 2019& January 2019 (Hindi)

July 2019& January 2019 (English)

for Re-registered student 2nd year

July 2017 & January 2019 (Hindi)

July 2017 & January 2019 (English)

M.A.(Public Administration)







1st Year || 2nd Year (January 2019)

1st Year || 2nd Year (July 2019)

1st Year || 2nd Year (January 2019)


1st year | 2nd year (2019-19)


Ist Year | IInd Year (2019)

Ist Year | IInd Year (2019)






M.Com ( F & T)

M.Com ( BP & CG)

M.Com ( MA & FS)





MA (Education)





January & July 2019



Masters in Anthropology(MAAN)

Ist Year | IInd Year (2019-19)

Ist Year | IInd Year (2017-18)


1st Year || 2nd Year (July 2019)



July 2019


English | Hindi (July 2019-January 2019)

English | Hindi (July 2017-January 2019)



MWG-003 (Constructing Gender through Arts and Media: IInd Semester)

MWG-011 (Women in the Economy: IV Semester-January 2019)

MWG-010 (Women’s Studies Specialization and also 4th Semester-January 2019)

MWG007 || MWG008 (IV sem)

(Gender, Literature and Culture specialisation)

MWG 004 for January 2019

July 2019-January 2019

MWG001 || MWG002 (I sem)

MWG005 || MWG006 (III sem)

(Gender, Literature and Culture specialisation)

MWG005 || MWG009 (III sem) ( Women’s Studies specialisation)


July 2019

Bachelor’s Degree Programmmes


EEC English | Hindi







B.COM English | Hindi


B.Ed (Revised) B.Ed ( Special Education)


BLIS-Revised (English) | (Hindi)- (July 2019-Jan. 2019)

BLIS-Revised (English) | (Hindi)- (2017-2019)


B.Com(CA & A)

B.Com(F & CA)

B.Sc. English | Hindi


B.Sc. in Hosp. and Hotel Administration(BHM)


B.Sc.N. (PB)






EEC English | Hindi






English | Hindi (2016-17)


BBA Retail

First Year | Second Year | Third Year (2019-19)


BRPA July 2012/January 2013

BHDA July 2012/January 2013

P.G. Diploma Programmes


English (2019-2019)| Hindi (2019-2019)



January 2019









January / July 2019




English | Hindi (Jan/July 2019)




January(ES-series) 2015



July 2019


July 2019


July 2019



January/July 2019



English | Hindi (2019)

English | Hindi (2019)


PGDMRR 2014| 2013



July 2019



July 2019









January / July 2019


January & July 2019




PGDDHM 2012|2011



January & July 2019

January & July 2019

PGDENLW 2013-14

PGPDSE(July-2012) PGPDSE(July-2011)


July 2019


January/July 2019


January & July 2019 (Hindi) | Project 2019 (Hindi)




January & July – 2019 | Project – 2019

PGDAE & MAAE(July-2011)


MST-001 to MSTL-002 (Validity:January 2019 to December 2019)

MST-001 TO MSTL-002 (Jan.2019 to Dec 2019)


July 2019

January 2019




January/July 2019




January 2019 July 2014 | 2015


July 2019 & January 2019 (Hindi)

July 2019 & January 2019 (English)


JULY 2019


July 2019-January 2019



Assignment for July 2019-January 2019 Session

MWG003 (IInd Sem-January 2019)

MWG001 and MWG002 (First semester courses).



English | Hindi (July 2017-January 2019)


Diploma Programmes







English | Hindi ( July 2019)




English (July 2019)



BNS-011 to BNS-014 (2019)





English || Hindi (2019)


English || Hindi (July 2019


English | Hindi (2016)

English | Hindi (2015) English (2013)


BWEE-004, BWEE-005 & BWEE-012-English (2019-19)

BWEF-002,BWEE-006,BWEE-007,BWEE-008 (2019-2019)

BWEE-004, BWEE-005 & BWEE-012-Hindi(2019-2019)







English | Hindi (2019)



January/July 2019(English) || January/July 2019(Hindi)



July 2019





English || Hindi (2019)


July 2019 – January 2019




Certificate Programmes



English | Hindi (2019)



July 2019 & January 2019



2010-11| 2011(July)


English | Hindi (2019)

English | Hindi (2019)



English | Hindi (2019-2019)


CETE January 2011


July 2019-January 2019






January/July 2019




English || Hindi ( Jan / July 2019)



2019 (English) || 2019(Hindi) || 2017 (Odiya)


English | Hindi (Jan/July-2019)




CNIC 2012 | 2011

CFAID 2019 || 2019


English | Hindi (January & July 2019)




July 2019-January 2019



English || Hindi (2019)



English | Hindi (Jan/July 2019)





July 2019


January/July 2019








English | Hindi (Jan/July-2019)


English | Hindi (2019)


July 2019-January 2019

July 2017-January 2019


CESE-CP 2012-13




CESE-MR 2012-13














Jan/July (2019)







CJD January-2013





CCPD 2019



January/July 2019


English (Jan/July 2019)


CHBCP English(July-2011) | Hindi(July-2011) English | Hindi

CCSS Assignment Booklet

CELL Assignment Booklet




CAHC July 2014



July 2019

January 2019




English | Hindi (2019)


English | Hindi (Jan/July 2019)


English | Hindi (2019)



Hindi || English (July 2019)

Hindi | English-(January 2019)



January-July 2019







CESEHI 2012-13

CESEVI 2012-13

CIE 2015 | 2014




July 2019

January 2019

July 2017


July 2019-January 2019: English || Hindi



January & July-2019


July 2019-January 2019



July 2019-January 2019

P.G. CertificateProgrammes


English | Hindi (July 2017-January 2019)


January & July 2019

January & July 2019

January & July 2017

PDCDM MCMD-001 | MCMD-002 | MCMD-003 (July-2013)


January & July 2019

January & July 2019


Jan-July 2019

Jan-July 2019

Jan-July 2017



January & July 2019

January & July 2017

Foundation Courses

FCED 2012 |2011

BDP Foundation Courses 


IGNOU has publishing notification regarding IGNOU assignments that suits for various courses. IGNOU Assignment 2019 – Course Wise Solved Assessment Sheet Format: BA, B.Sc, B.Com Assignments Submission Last Date, UG & PG Courses.

However, the assignment 2019 officially announces on the website and does following steps for the candidates.

After getting admission, the candidates have to download assignments for their selected course. IGNOU Divides their Annual session into two Parts: IGNOU July & IGNOU December 2019 Session. 

Indira Gandhi National Open University BA | B.Sc | B.Ed | B.Com Assignment Assessment Sheet 2019

You have to check and download current session assignments for your reference. Of course, the candidates can get any assignments here and download each assignment from the official site.

You will get admission, and they want to appear in the examination. Obviously, the candidates have to write and submit their assignments within current time.

If the candidates failed to submit the assignment, they could not permit to attend the term end examination of IGNOU.

Indira Gandhi National Open University Also make Job IGNOU Placement according to institutions.

Assignment Status – Submission Last Date 2019

On the other side, they can get solved assignment for reference and prepare their best University assignments forever.

It has to write well and thus providing the best information regarding the solved assignments in a straightforward manner. Also, this is going to conduct for every year and hence get admission in the IGNOU examination.

Apart from this, the assignment marks weight, and minimum marks are necessary to carry out the examination well.

The overall assignment takes 30% of IGNOU program, and candidates can’t ignore it. It will increase your performance and get a good report in grade card.

Without taking the assignment, your course will be incomplete, and it is a waste of time for them. You will get 40% of passing, and you have to attend the assignment importantly.

IGNOU Assignment 2019: Status, Submission Last Date, Front Page

You have to download the solved assignment and have capable of completing the assignment efficiently. Start writing each and every course assignment by your hand and no print typing download the online.

So, this is critical to note it down before submitting the assignments for any courses. Interested Candidates may fill IGNOU December 2019 Application form before the last date.

IGNOU Assignment – Course Wise Solved Assessment Sheet Format 2019

Result Grade Card Admission
Exam Form Date Sheet Hall Ticket
Syllabus Assignment Fees
Question Paper Passing Marks Marksheet
Scholarship Toppers Courses List
Registration Re-Registration Convocation
Improvement Form Marks Calculator Affiliated Colleges
Study Material Books Practicals
ID Card BEd PhD
OPENMAT Yoga Contact Number

Candidates who are preparing for Ignou examination must download assignments for various courses and submit it. You have to follow the procedure carefully and download the assignments.

    • At first, candidates require to Authentic Portal IGNOU login.
    • In the menu bar, enter the student search bar and click the button on the homepage
    • You have to hit the assignment link and get assignment details for various courses
    • The candidates have to check their required assignment course and download it
    • In PDF format file or doc file, the IGNOU assignment will be downloading and use it
  • Each assignment should be valid within a certain duration before the examination starts. So, you have to submit it within due date.


  1. Sir/madam,
    Will the last date of assignment submission be further extended?

  2. Hello sir!/mam
    I have got admission in CFN on 30th september and last date for submitting assignments is 30th october
    But there are 3 assignment written-CFN, 1,2,3
    CFN -1, 2 k date mre admission s pele ove ho gai to wat I do. I have to submit all 3 or only 1???? Plz help

    And one more f query, for filling examination form there is an option for put tick on “have u submit assignments”
    So tell k agr hm isme no krte hain to form submit n hoga kya???
    Help plz as soon as possible

    • Dear Hemlata,

      when u submit your exam form .. plz tick “yes” on assignment option..
      wrna aapka form to submit ho jaega but result me incomplete likha aega.
      nd date over hone se pehle assignment submit kr dena ..its very important..

      Thank you.

  3. Hello Madam/Sir,
    I will be appearing for TEE December 2019. Although the last assignment date is 30th September, 2019, could there be any chance of the deadline being extended? If not, can I give the exam first and then submit the assignments because I have already paid the examination fees.

    • इग्नू स्टडी सेंटर सोनीपत व करनाल के मुताबिक अंतिम तारीख अब 31/10/2019 की गयी है लेकिन ignou.ac.in पर कोई नोटिस जारी किया गया है नही। अब कैसे किया जाए यह समझ से परे है।। TEE 12.2019 की फीस भी भर दी अब तो ??

  4. Sir when assignment submission status shown for dec 2019 I submitted on 15 sept 2019..

  5. I took admission in Mcom (F&T) in June 2018 but did not appear June 2019 exams… Now i want to appear for Dec 2019 exams so which assignments are applicable for my exams? 2018-19 or 2019-20?

  6. Sir, I have given exam in June month of 2019 of Mscdfsm my result are not visible.. Please help me out sir.. As rest of my classmates have got their result.

  7. hello sir am mayur i submit my aassignment in study center when my result delare but gread card is not manition is assignment no plz help me sir what i do now

  8. Dear Sir,

    My Study centre in Haryana and i am working in Noida . So can i sent my assignment to project coordinator through speed.

  9. Hello sir.
    Actually this year 2019 june i have given my MA POL SC exams of second year of 8 subjects for which i had already submitted my 8 assignments at study centre but now as i am checking the assignment submission status.. 3 subjects are wrongly shown. They are not my subjects which i choosed.. What to do now…?
    Kindly help

  10. hello
    i have taken admission in BCOM A&F in January 2019
    i have checked on site there is no information regarding assignment questionare & submission date please suggest what should i do and where will i get the details

    • u have to submit assignment on next year, as ur attempt is on july 20 if im right…
      check ur brochure dear..!!

      is threre any way u collected the solved assignment

  11. sir, my assignment status is not updated till now.. i had submitted it before may 15..

  12. Sir maine june 2019 me exam diye the or 6th april ko assigment submit kiye the. Mere pass 5 subjects hai but 3 subjects ka hi assigment show hora hai baki 2 ka nahi mughe kya krna chaiye?

  13. Hii.
    I have taken admission in jan 19 in ba part 1. But not getting any information regarding my assignments and all.can u please tell me.is there any assignment which i hve to submit and when.

  14. Hello sir,

    how can we see our assignment marks ?????

  15. Hello Sir
    m B.A 2nd year m hu muje 2nd or final yr. ki fees btado

    • Soumik Bhattacharyya

      I want to give exam BA first year this December what is the dates of submitting the assignments and how to know which assignments are to be done (which session)

  16. Sir B.A 1st yr ki eng or hindi ke alawa or koi b assignment pdf download nhi o rhi h 2018-19 ki??

  17. Hello sir
    M m.a economics 1st year m hu.. maine abhi tak assignment ni submit kiye.. m u.p m teacher hu meri holidays 20th may s h to m uske bad hi submit kr skti hu. Kya mere assignment submit ho jayegne??? Plz reply sir

    • Team IGNOU.GURU

      Hello Jyoti,
      Agar June 2019 TEE mein exams dene hain to assignment submit karne ki last date h 15 May.

      • Sir I have completed all my assignments for bcom final year 2019 but due to some issue I couldn’t submit them And my study centre is closed from 1st to 6 nov 2019 and my last date of exam form submission is 5th nov 2019. Can I submit them on 7 nov and fill my exam form. Pls reply

  18. sir assignment submit kare huye 1 mahina ho gya abhi tak website pe update nhi hua, kya karu, exam fees bhi kabki bhar di

  19. archana kumari

    hi due to the election on Sunday i could not submit my assignments, can i submit my assignment tomorrow.

    waiting for your reply.

  20. Firdous Ahmad Mir

    Sir ..
    Can we submit assignments aftr exams….

  21. Sir, today is holiday because of election can I submit my assignment tomorrow because 15 may last date of submission sir plz answer me!!!!

  22. hello,
    kya esa possible hai k mere assignment submit nahi ho paye par exam fees submit h tooo exam dedu or assignment next session me submit krdu to koi issue to nahi hai?

    • Team IGNOU.GURU

      Hello Kajal,
      15 May 2019 is the last date to submit the assignment. Aaap assignment submit kiye bina bhi exam de sakte ho. Par result mein assignment ke marks add nahin honge jb tk aap assignments submit nahin karoge.

  23. Good afternoon sir,

    I am student of IGNOU MARD 1st year. Last date of submission of assignment is 15may, but 12 may is holiday for mp election in Haryana. please help me how I will submit my assignment. Now I am on duty. My study centre is govt College hisar.

    • Team IGNOU.GURU

      Hello Hitesh,
      Election dates were fixed and known from quite earlier days. You should have submitted the assignment earlier. But still, if any change in the last date of submission of assignment takes place, we will let you know.

  24. hello sir,

    i took admission for m.com in July 2018 but i m not attend the examination in June,2019 . can i possible to attend examination in December, 2019 for m.com 1st year.

  25. Sir,
    I have applied for TEE June 2019. But I could not submit my assignments on time. Within two days, I will submit them. So is there any prblem in writing examination?
    Shall I able to get my admit card to write exam?
    Will my result be with held?
    Please reply sir.
    Thank you

    • Hello Shabna,
      Just one answer to all your question – Please submit your assignment before last date i.e. 15th May 2019, prepare well for your exams and you will likely not face any problem then.

      • Sir,

        I am a student of PGDDM, enrolled in July 2018. In order to complete the assignments, do I need to follow Assignments for 2019 or 2018 as there are 2 pdf links for each year on this page.
        Secondly, I have learned that last date of submission for exam form for TEE June as been revised and extended, please need your support to confirm.

        thanks for providing us all the needed information, much appreciated.

      • Sir my fee not submit . asiment today submite..or mere exam June me hi honge na


    hii sir , by mistake I had choosen BECE 214 as I had not much knowledge about how to choose proper subject, but after submission of 2019 admission form for BA2 , I came to know that I had chiosen the wrong one, so I went to my regional center and discussed aboit it, but they told me to wait till to receive my book ,but sir I neither received book and unable to change my subject. Is there any option available or I have to continue with same.

    • There is no particular time when IGNOU Books will be reached to you. In the past, many students have received the books even after the exams as well (funny? right?). And for correction, there is no other way but to contact IGNOU staff or visit your regional centre. Here are the helpline numbers – https://ignou.guru/ignou-contact-number/

  27. Last date for submission of assignment

  28. Dear sir/madam

    I am doing MA( edu) 1st year and I have submitted my assignment on 28th March for June 2019 session. I did not receive any receipt as the person in charge said things are done online and I will not need it. She said, she will write in the register but till now there is no update about my submission. So do I need to go and ask about the assignment and receipt ? The last date to fill in TEE form is 21April, 2019. Can you please confirm whether I must ask for the Assignment submission receipt too?

    • Exam Form has got no relation with Assignment. You can submit your Exam Form even if your assignments are not completed. You need not to worry too much about the update of assignment status, it generally takes time. But you should have a receipt which is a proof “that you have submitted assignments of those many subjects.” If you don’t take that Assignment Submission Slip, do you have any proof that you submitted the assignments? Nope!

  29. Hlo respected sir..
    Assignments submission last date is 15 may and TEE dat is 15 april..
    I just completed my all subjects assignments…but when i went to my study centre on last date of TEE (15april) there were no classes that is study centre open only in weekend…
    Can i submit my TEE before submitting assignments?

    • You can fill your form before submitting the assignments and the last date to submit the exam form was 21st April 2019 (with late fees).

  30. Sir maine assignment march 13 ko submit kr diye the but abhi tk update nhi hua h receipt mere pas hi h study centre ki..

    M.a.1 year mhd
    Er nom.- 185894747

  31. can assignment be written on ruled A4 paper on both the sides to save wastage of paper and to protect our environment and not just on one side of the ruled sheet of paper leaving the other side blank. the ruled paper is of reasonable thickness so that both the sides are clear and readable and do not interfere with each other.

    • Hello Abha
      1. A4 size papers are best for making IGNOU assignments
      2. Please choose to purchase one-side-line & one-side-blank kind of page so that you don’t find it hard to draw diagrams and charts online pages.
      3. Always draw diagrams on blank pages & always write text online pages.
      4. In case you’ve already purchased the both-side-lines kind of pages, go with them and write on both the sides (It’s not a killer issue).

  32. Hello Sir,

    I have submitted my assignment on March 10, 2019. I still do not see an update on website, should I visit the center again ?

    Thank you.

  33. Can I fill up the exam form now itself and submit the assignments before last date because the last date to fill up form is much before than the last date of submitting assignments for july18-19

  34. sudarshan karmakar

    MTE-01, MTE-02 solved assignments.. ….. rs150 per copy…. if anyone interested contact me…

  35. How can I find a examination centre code

  36. As assignment submission date is extended to 15th May, can I submit exam form before 31st March?

  37. Sir, Is the date for assignment submission changed for BA, BSC , BCom or for other masters degree courses as well? I’m a student MAAN . Kindly clarify sir please….


  39. Can anyone clear one thing for me ? I’m pursuing BA in Psychology and admitted in the July 2018 session. Can i submit assignments for only 3 subjects for now and can i submit the rest in September and appear for those subject’s exams in December ? If this is possible, please let me know about it.

  40. Can I submit Assignment at Regional Centre?

  41. I JUST GOT a text from IGNOU that assignment submission date has been extended to 15 may

  42. Sir mene December 2018 mai admission liya tha to mere exams kab honge aur assignment dene ki last date kab hai . Yes kese pta chlega

    • Hello Meera,
      If you’re appearing for June 2019 Term End Examinations, Last date to submit the assignment is 31st March 2019.

      • Sir as per last update.. everyone saying that last date to submit assignment is 15th May 2019. Is this news is right or it is fake!! Please confirm….

      • Hi has the submission date extended to 15th May for BDP ?

        • Sir,

          My exam fee not submitted ..sassigmment submitted ,.what is the next step that I could do
          To continue my studies???

          • Team IGNOU.GURU

            Hello Neethu,
            Then submit the exam form fees and proceed by taking the exams. If the last date is over, then wait for the exam form release of December 2019 TEE Exams.

  43. Sir, i have taken admission in july 2018 for MEC course. I have not submitted assignments. I’m in UAE right now. Is there any option of submitting online by writing it down and sending pictures of the same. I can write ot but unable to submit it in person. One more doubt is, can i write exam from Dubai. Are there any exam centres in Dubai?

  44. Sir 31st March se phle jaake study centre pr assinment submit kra skte h kya mtlb ki week days m bhi .

    • Hello Alka,
      It depends on the days on which your Study Centre takes classes. If they take a class on Saturday, then you may also submit on Saturday, otherwise, please make sure to submit on Sunday.

      • Sir maine July 2018 m admission liya h maine abi tk assignment submit nhi kiya h assignment submission ki last date 31st march h or m etni jldi assigments kha se submit kru plz help me

      • Hello Sir,

        I have submitted my assignment on Mar 10, I still do not see an update on website.

    • Sir, can i fill the June 2019 TEE exame form before submitting assgnment as the last date for assignments has been extended till 15 may 2019 But for Term End Exam (TEE 2019) , last day is 31 march 2019.
      I’m confused, please help.

      • the same question I am also having when I am going the pay the fee they are asking have you submitted the assignment when I click no then they don’t allow to pay
        but the assignment date is extended .what to do?

      • I also hv the same confusion. since the last date of submitting assignment is extended can’t we fill up form before and then submit assignments before last date

    • Sir please tell me the last date of assignment submission.

  45. How much time ignou take for updating assignments marks, my one subject’s mark is still not showing on grade card, it is more than one month of results is declared.

    • Hello Udit,
      Assignment marks are updated in the same manner in which the result is updated. Many updates will take place, and like IGNOU result, the assignment will be updated over the complete month.

  46. Sir, is the last date extended till 30th April? Pls reply

    • Hello Seema,
      Not yet.

      • Hello sir, if it’s not possible for me to submit my assignment by March 31 when can I submit it next? Can I write my exams? If not when can I write them again?

    • madhumita sinharoy

      Plz tell the last date for submission of assignment 2019 june

    • Sir,bwef 002,bwee 006,bwee 007,bwee 008 assignment questions in hindi medium of DWED course have not been uploaded yet,when they will be uploaded?
      And the last date of assignment submission is extended to 15th may….is it applied for all courses?

  47. I confirmed from my regional centre the last date is 31 march 2019.

    • Thank you very much, Neha.
      Lots of IGNOU students had a doubt regarding this. Your comment will be quite helpful.

  48. Vinod Kumar Dabariya

    As you know the last date for submission of assignment for session 2018-19 is March 31st but still I didn’t receive any Single book from IGNOU as my admission is online.sir tell me how I finish my assignment

    • Hello Vinod,
      This issue of books and study materials reaching late to the student is with most of the enrolled candidates. For assignments, you can download using the links given in the table above on this page.

    • vijendrak kumar

      vinod contact no. bhejo

  49. When is the last date of submission of mcom first year assignment?

  50. Sir,
    I had taken admission in Jul-2017 in MCom (F&T) course affiliated to CA and still, I have not submitted any of the assignments.
    To give the exam in June 2019, whether I have to submit the assignments as per new questions for the year 2018-2019 or for the old questions that were applicable in 2017-18.
    Also, it says that the last date for submission of the assignments is 15-March-2019, but in your article, you have mentioned 31-March-2019. Which is correct?
    Also, Whether I have to take re-admission or just submit the assignments and the exam form to appear in June-2019 exam.

    • Hello Nitin,
      1. You will have to submit the Assignments according to the new year questions for June 2019 TEE.
      2. Where did you see that last date of submitting assignment is 15th March 2019? Please let us know. Because we have confirmed from lots of sources and last date mentioned on http://www.IGNOU.guru website is 31st March 2019.
      3. Just submit the assignments and exam form to appear in June 2019 Term End Exams.

      Let us know, if you’re having any other doubts.

      • Sir, in our tutor marked assignment, it is written last date for submission is 15th March 2019. SO I WANT TO CONFIRM THE SAME THAT CAN WE SUBMIT OUR ASSIVNMENT TILL 31ST MARCH 2019

        • Please confirm this from your IGNOU Regional Centre once and let us know. Because almost all the sources suggest that 31st March 2019 is the last date for IGNOU Assignment. Now, please let us know if you got to know something about the last date and this way you will help whole http://www.IGNOU.guru community.

      • Hi Nitin I m also registered for the same course
        Can you help me with assignment?

        • Sir,As the last date for assignment submission is extented upto 15-05-19 but last date for filling up of TEE is 31March..There is column in TEE i.e. have you submitted assignment..What should we fill there YES orNO in the box
          Because I will submit assignments in april.

          • Hello Radhika,
            Undoubtedly your intention is to submit the assignments on time, Right? So, you can fill Yes there.

      • Hi Nitin I m also registered for the same course. Can u help me with assignment

    • Is there any possibility of extend last date of submit assignments for December 2019 tee?

  51. If anyone wants BSC maths solved assignment for july 18 admission… Contact me..


  53. Sir, kya examination fees ab bhrni h admission k time PR puri fees nhi bhri gyi thi kya Pls tell me

  54. mcom k assignment submission ki last date kya h

  55. I have received my study material for two subjects. But I’ve not received my enrollment number.. what can i do ?

  56. Sir mera one subject ka assigment ki marks show nhi kiya h bhde08

  57. vishal kumar roy

    Dear Sir,
    Sare books bahut let aate hai aise waise student jo self study kerte hai wo study kaise krenge

    • Hello Vishal,
      this is a very serious issue. You must register a complaint in Consumer Complaint Forum.

    • Sir,bwef 002,bwee 006,bwee 007,bwee 008 assignment questions in hindi medium of DWED course have not been uploaded yet,when they will be uploaded?
      And the last date of assignment submission is extended to 15th may….is it applied for all courses?

  58. Respected Sir/Madam,
    This is Rithvick pursuing BA Course (First Year) for June 2019
    My courses are : BSHF101 , BEGF101 , FEG02 , ECO02 , ECO1 , BEGE102
    I am unable to find my assignment topic in the official IGNOU website.
    Kindly help.

  59. Sir,,,, m M. A student hu or mera 2 subject ka abhi tk result show nhi ho rha h,,,, sir please is pr aap dhyan dijiye or jldi se jldi result Pura show kijiye,,,,,,,, aap ya aapke department ko hm student ke future ke sath is trh nhi khelna chahiye,,,,,, sir please ispr dhyan dijiye,,,,,,,, thanks

  60. Sir mera avi tak ek v book nahi aaya h july 2018sesson se hu

  61. Good Morning Sir,
    My name is Rahul Deoli, I am student of BA 2nd year of IGNOU my subjects are FST 01, BEGE 103, ESO 12, BHDE 106. Sir, When June 2019 Assignments are out because the above assingments are not in IGNOU official website, please help

  62. Sir,
    my friend took admission for Bachelor of arts 2018 -19 section. Can you just guide the projects he is supposed to take and the submission date

  63. Dear sir Mai ba 2 ka ragister oct 18 me kraya tha uska assignment or exam farm kab bhara jayega plz help us

  64. Vivian Richard Francis

    Respected Sir/Madam

    I registered in July 2017 session…now I want to give the 1st year exam in June 2019 and and December 2019 rerspectively…..meaning few papers in JUne 2019 and few papers in Dec 2019….so pls guide me as to which year assignments I have to submit, where will I get them and when to submit them.

    Also when to register for the 3rd year…I had done the 2nd year admission in the month of April 2018

    Pls assist

    Thank you

  65. Hie, how many papers can I give at one time? Also should I write assignments answers paragraph wise or point wise?

  66. I posted a query on ignou grievance cell, that only 2018 assignments are showing up on the website and i was told in their reply to do whicever assignment is there.
    And, now they’ve uploaded the assignment for 2019.
    I sincerely have completed 2018 assignments. Now what? Do i need to re-do every assignments?

  67. surabhee chawdhary

    sir i haven’t receive my study material of subjects BEGE-106& BEGE-107 July 2018 batch sir then how i will complete my assignments on time & when i will submit

  68. Hi Sir i have not seen my assigment question paper for 2 subject (AOM-1 & AOR-1) Kindly help & send the same

  69. Dear sir ignou BA degrees (gyan deep for Army) is valid for all feculty? All services,jobs like civil service and government job? Plz Sir tell me about this.

  70. Vivian Richard Francis

    Respected Sir/Madam

    I registered in July 2017 session…now I want to give the 1st year exam in June 2019 and and December 2019 rerspectively…..meaning few papers in JUne 2019 and few papers in Dec 2019….so pls guide me as to which year assignments I have to submit, where will I get them and when to submit them.

    Also when to register for the 3rd year…I had done the 2nd year admission in the month of April 2018

    Pls assist

    Thank you

  71. Sir I am doing Bcom AF.registered during July 2018. I have two doubts.
    1. I am doing 3rd year articleship.if I write exam during June 2019 when will I get the certificate of completion??. Will it it take 3 years itself or will I get it on submission of articleship completion certificate.?
    2. I guess that assignments are not yet updated for June 2019?? When will it get updated.?

  72. sir kindly send me the syllbus of BA 1st year 2019

  73. hello sir my roll no 142313120 h . courses bdp h sir result kab aayega

  74. Dear Sir,
    I have enrolled in B.com(A&F) jan-2019 session and my admission is completed.
    I want just clear about:
    i)when will be exam ?
    ii)when will be need to submit assignment ?

    • Hello Ayaan,
      Please take the exams in June 2019 Term End Examinations. And, in general, last dates to submit the Assignments are 30th April and 30th October of every year (for respective June and December Sessions) until their registration is valid.

  75. Can we get prescribed copy/sheet for writing assignments through post or how we can do ? I have enrolled as PGDEMA for the session July 2018-19.

    • Hello Aashi,
      You can easily get the assignments online. No need to wait for Assignments by Post. On this page as well, Links are there for assignments. Please click on course name link and you will find that you’re redirected to the Assignment data.

  76. Those student who take admission (BCOMAF)for jan-2019 session what is the last date for submission of assingment for that session??

    • Hello Johair,
      The last dates will be 30th April and 30th October of every year until their registration is valid.

  77. Those students who take admission for jan-2019 session, what is the last date for submission of assignment foor such session??

  78. Can I get MHD result Which one conducted on December 3,2018

  79. Hi sir , I’m unable to submit the assignment of GDP b com 1st year for June tee . So I want to kno can I submit the assignment in September for dec tee.?

  80. Can you please send the link for bcom (f&ca) assignments for June 2019 exams.

  81. Hello There,
    Im a student of B.A. 3rd year. Sir, I beg to state that I have submitted the assignments of five subjects:BEGE107,BHDE 107,EPS03,ACCO1 &FST01 (Re-submitted) out of which only the marks of FST01 (which was resubmitted after losing my first submission) is updated in the month of September 2018 but all the rest four subjects are still pending and not even the received status is showing. I have contact my study centre too but no news so far. Are my assignments of four subjects lose again? I really need my complete result without any error. Please help.

  82. How many subjects do we require for MTTM ist. and second semester…

  83. hello sir i am enrolled in dbpfo program i want to know regarding assignment of june 2019 tee
    the above link show 2018 please clarify can i attempt that or not for june 2019?

    • Hello Ayush,
      Your query “please clarify can i attempt that or not for june 2019?” is not clear to us. Please elaborate more or you can also tell in Hindi.

  84. Sir me f.y b.a me hu muje assignment mil nhi rahe mere subjects ke me ne June me form bhra he pls help me how can i find

  85. Sir I am in bcom Ist year my subject assignment not show in the site so what I do? Please help me

  86. Sir I complete two semester of MBA …now i in third semester…but on site only semester 1 and 2019 assignments shown ….there is no option for third semester assignment how I get them ..how I get third semester assignments of MBA plss help

  87. IGNOU PGJMC assignments for 2019 June TEE

    • Hello there,
      The same is probably available in the list provided on this page. You’re kindly requested to check again, Please.

  88. Sir
    Mai BA programme hindi ki student hu ignou se or mera i card nhi pohoch paya h or books bhi bahut gap hokr aati h isi vjha se exam ki tayyari krne m dikkat ho rhi h to please iska kuch hal btay

    • Hello Shaista,
      1. ID ka intezaar krne ki koi jaroorat nahin h ab. ID Card to ab aap online download kar skte ho or regional centre se attested karwane ki jaroorat bhi nahin h. ID card kaise download karna h, is link pe check karo – https://ignou.guru/id-card/
      2. BA Programme Books in Hindi aap easily eGyankosh website se download kar skte ho. So need not worry about that.

  89. Hi, I registered for DCE program in July 2018. I have not received my books. I don’t know when to submit assignments and when will my exams be? When will I receive my books?

    • Hello Erica,
      Books not reaching the students on time is the problem faced by almost all the students of Indira Gandhi National Open University. Need not to worry about it. Until the books reaches you, please download the study material from eGyankosh website and continue your preparations.

  90. hii sir. what does “received to be processed” means?

    • Hello Mounica,
      Received to be processed ka mtlb hota h – aapka assignment receive ho chuka hai or marks add hona baaki h.

  91. Krishnanand Bhat

    I have registered for Mcom 2nd year through online for July-2018 session.Whether assignments are released for the said session ?

    • Hello Krishnanand,
      Please make sure to check through the table above. The latest Assignment Updates have not been mentioned.

  92. Sir, I took admission for MPS programme in June 2016. I appeared for 1st semester exam in December 2017 and I’ve passed. I reregistered myself for Semester2 in July 2018. My doubts-
    1.Can I appear for December 2018 TEE and complete the course?
    2. Ignou hasn’t updated assignments for MA sem 2 of July 2018 session. When will it get updated

    • Hello Priscilla,
      You will need to visit your Study Centre of IGNOU to check the assignment status offline. As mentioned above, online status is updated after lots of days. Moreover, Yes you can appear for December 2018 Term End Examinations and complete the course. Best Wishes.

      • Hello sir,
        I’ve applied for CFAID july2019..
        I did not get any updates regarding the assignment submission..
        Where should I submit the assignment…and when is the last date of submission?
        And when will I get the study material?

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